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Lyon is probably the best destination for a weekend with friends or family. It is a non-typical city with a very special topography: 3 hills each of whom have their own architectural identities, and the Rhône river, where you can find so many amazing and entertaining places. To get the most of your stay, Mama selected the best things
to do.

MAMA says let’s eat

Capital of French gastronomy, everything that is related to good food is nice to try in Lyon. You want to try something different than our restaurant ? You definitely have to eat in one of the Bouchons Lyonnais, the typical restaurants of the city: Vercoquin, Ninkasi Guillotière, Mondrian...

MAMA says let’s go out

While taking a walk in the old Lyon, you can easily find a bar that will testify of the entertaining and arty side of the town. But it would probably be a mistake not to take a walk to the peninsula where you can find inescapable bars and clubs: L'Antiquaire, à KGB, Les Subsistances...

MAMA says educate yourself

Your room is perfect to relax and enjoy the design by Starck, but don't stay too much in there, and go discover Lyon, the town of the cinema and of the Lumière. It has lots of museums and institutions to enrich your passion for culture. The Lumières Institute, the Bocal, the fine arts Museum, or the Museum of Resistance, close to the Mama Shelter.

MAMA says let’s shop

If you are the kind of person that has to absolutely buy a souvenir in every city they go, try our shop , a real cavern full of treasures, but also these ones, they probably are the best in town: Love me tender, La Fabriq, Sofa Disques, Les Poupées...

MAMA says don’t miss

Why not try one of the canal boats that recently opened on the Rhone? Among them La Passagère, Sirius and Ayers Boat are the best and closest to the Mama. Lyon is also famous for its markets. You can, for example, eat oysters on the Saint Antoine Market or try very good gastronomy on the Croix Rousse Market and the famous Paul Bocuse Halles.

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Lyon Guide

Mama Shelter Lyon is ideally located at 13, Rue Domer in the 7th arrondissement. Right in the centre of the Jean Macé district, the city's urban epicentre exudes an energy that reflects the Brooklyn of our dreams, Mama Shelter is set not far from the banks of the Rhône and only three metro stations from the Part-Dieu railway station. 25 minutes from the airport, right near the tram and on metro line B, Mama Shelter Lyon is practical and central and offers a new perspective on the city of lights.

13, rue Domer
69007 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 78 02 58 00
F +33 (0)4 78 02 58 02

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That’s not trifling to nickname Lyon the city of Lights. This town radiates by its beauty and will captivate you with its heritage, its urban culture, and obviously its gastronomy!
To avoid you getting lost in any bouchon, we decided to compile a guide in which we share our favorite addresses! Restaurants, bars, stores, cultural centers, outdoor markets… You will find everything you’ll be looking for! And you can only be charmed by Mama’s suggestions.

By bus (Jean Macé)

C4, C7, C12, C14, 35, S3, Z16

By subway (Jean Macé)

Line B

By tramway (Jean Macé)


Mama Lyon Parking

For you to be relaxed while you sleep, MAMA has an indoor parking space. Our parking is located next to 29 rue du Colombier. The entrance is strictly reserved to our residents. To access the parking please ring on the left and take a ticket from the automatic booth.


29 rue du Colombier, 69007 Lyon

Gonzo Bar

You have to look for the Gonzo Bar on the Rue Montesquieu with its discrete shop window... but once you're there, it's all good! Quiet electro background music, cool, unfussy decor, pleasant and well-dressed staff. And not once, but twice we recommend the hot-dog baguettes when you're hungry...


3 rue Montesquieu, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 52 83 07 50

Indo café

A side for the restaurant, another one for the bar and a large terrace. The Indo café is a trendy and family place. Try the delicious Bobun!


14 rue de la Thibaudière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 58 33 30

La Cuisine de Madame Châtelet

Formica tables and slightly kitsch decor, you'll love the authenticity at the La Cuisine de Madame Châtelet. Classics from grandmother's kitchen revisited, all at affordable prices!


27 avenue Jean Jaurès, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 16 42

La Lambretta

Certainly the district's best pizzeria! The soy flour dough is completely delicious.


74 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 58 87 61


A lovely wine bar, with no expensive flashiness! With varied tapas that include snails, oysters, breads and more. At lunchtime, they do excellent burgers.


51 rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 43 25

Le Tibouren

A tiny restaurant which is well worth the detour. The chef loves to explain the menu, and does so passionately! A cuisine that is both simple and subtle. Recommended!


16 rue de Bonald, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 28 54 18

Live Station DIY

A great bar! A warm atmosphere, good dishes with an aperitif and inexpensive beer.


14 rue de Bonald, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 01 87 39

Domo de Jana

A very good trattoria! Domo de Jana is a slice of Sardinia with Mirto liqueur, Sardinian bread and Ichnusa beer... Great products! You can shop in the grocery store or have lunch on site... Whichever you choose, enjoy!


35 rue de la Thibaudière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 66 50 75

De l'autre côté du pont

Here's a bar-restaurant that loves local producers! So you can eat healthy and local, and drink local and cheap. In the evenings, enjoy a hearty plate of cold meats and cheeses to accompany your small glass of Ardèche wine.


25 Cours Gambetta, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 95 14 93

Piment & Citronnelle

A small Thai restaurant! Simple, good and inexpensive. What more could you want?


92 grande rue de la Guillotière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 28 23 32


This Indian restaurant doesn't look much from the outside, but it serves really good food! The cheese naan is heavenly... And all for an unbeatable price!


10 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 37 10 16

Le Mondrian

An inventive cuisine, with a wonderful welcome from Michel and Max. A first-class terrace beneath the trees and a stone's throw from the banks of the Rhône.


1 quai Claude Bernard, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 65 09 71


Perhaps the best sushi in Lyon! The bill can be a bit steep, but we promise it's worth it!


76 rue d'Anvers, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 28 08 77

La Passagère

One of our favourite barges. It's not big, but the view over the Rhône is perfect and the flavoured rums divine...


21 quai Victor Augagneur, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 73 36 98


UNMISSABLE! At Mokxa, coffee is a religion, it serves premium blends and there's nothing funny about the decorations on its cappuccinos! The Chai latte is not bad at all and in winter, we'd certainly recommend the winter elixir. And if you want something sweet for the journey, we'd choose the carrot cake and the divine cinnamon rolls...


3 rue Abbé Rozier, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 27 01 48 71


1930s decor, a bartender with slicked back hair, jazzy music and candles... An intimate setting with (very) good cocktails, you're at L'Antiquaire!


20 rue Hippolyte Flandrin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 06 34 21 54 65

La Joncque d'Or

A small, unpretentious Vietnamese restaurant... The bun bo is well worth the detour. And the spring rolls too!


20 rue Pasteur, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 39 43

Bistrot de la passerelle

This bistro isn't very big, but just once, you have to try one of their delicious burgers that could have come directly from a US diner. On Sundays, the eggs Benedict are perfect for a brunch!


36 quai Saint-Antoine, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 37 61 32

Le Bistrot des maquignons

A lovely, small neighbourhood bistrot! The terrace with a view of the petanque strip gives it the wow factor. Try the foie gras burger with its onion jam...


113 grande rue Guillotière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 71 63 87

Le troquet des sens

A cosy bar with stone walls and sofas, good wine, excellent meat, fabulous cheese...


34 rue Remparts d'Ainay, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 37 22 23

Broc café

On a small square nestled behind the old Hotel-Dieu, you'll find the Broc. A pleasant terrace, and inside, electro music and a great atmosphere.


2 place de l'Hôpital, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 40 46 01

Le Petit Grain

On Rue de la Charité, a stone's throw from the Textile Museum, the terrace of Le Petit Grain is waiting! The interior's not bad either, with its bric-a-brac décor. Tasty Asian cuisine! And when we can, dessert is the green tea gateau!


19 rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 41 77 85

Le café cousu

The Café Cousu is located just at the entrance to the Village des Créateurs. Chinese decor, a relaxed atmosphere and simple cuisine. The brunch is worth the detour! Excellent quality at a good price!


14 rue René Leynaud, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 98 83 38

Broc bar

When the weather's good, hurry to the terrace of the Broc Bar. Under a superb plane tree, enjoy a small white wine accompanied by a bowl of crisps. Pure happiness!


20 rue Lanterne, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 30 82 61

Café Gadagne

Café Gadagne sits at the top of the beautiful Renaissance building that houses the Gadagne museum. Simple, flavoursome cuisine with a touch of originality! When the weather's nice, lunch in the garden, an oasis of peace in the heart of the city.


1 place du Petit Collège, 69005 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 62 34 60

À la Guill'on dine

When being happy together "A la Guill'on Dine", we end up liking each other! Guill '& Co, the restaurant's informal club brings together the Guill'ondins, the many loyal customers around Anthony and Cecilia. There are wonderful opportunities to meet for the pleasure of just being together and tasting the delicious surprises prepared by Antoine for the occasion. Cécile plays host and is the link between everyone. A superb ambiance !


59 grande rue de la Guillotière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 69 39 16

La Vieille Canaille

This neighbourhood bistro features a symphony of Lyon specialities. As a prelude, a large salad and tasty Saint-Marcellin fritters with gingerbread. The chef continues with a lavish tone to reveal a tender veal cutlet and oven baked potatoes. The finale arouses the audience's appetite with his delicious strawberry trifle. The orchestra concludes on a lighter note and in return receives a double helping of ovations.


14 rue Saint-Jérôme, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 71 47 12

Le Court Circuit

An organic bar in Lyon's Guillotière district. This local bar offers quality products at normal prices. Located in Lyon's Guillotière district, it offers artisan beers, organic or artisan spirits, shooters and cocktails, organic wine by the glass or wine by the bottle to enjoy with friends.


13 rue Jangot, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 54 36 61 29

La Faute aux Ours

This is the story of Boucle d'Or who once decided to buy an old place in her neighbourhood to turn it into her official den. A shelter where she could mix her bottles of rum, her buddies and vinyls.


4 grande rue de la Guillotière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 52 95 80 41

Le Vercoquin

There are conventional and natural wines. Famous or artisan winemakers. There are stiff or warm places. There are a lot of excellents wines… Here is Le Vercoquin.


33 rue de la Thibaudière, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 69 43 87

En Mets Fais ce Qu'il te Plaît

En Mets Fais ce Qu'il te Plaît changed its frontage but Katsumi Ishida still in the kitchen. He was born in Japan and settled in Lyon in 1994. He decided to be a cook ever since he met Alain Chapel when he was young.
Five years after his arrival here, he opened En Mets Fais ce Qu'il te Plaît. Since then, everyday he chooses, associates and cooks beautiful products served with great wines.


43 rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon 

Tel: 04 78 72 46 58

Victoria Hall

The ancient bourgeois house, full of charm and history, reinvents itself once again in between restaurant, lounge bar, cigar club and a unique terrace.


33 rue du Repos, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 28 07 97

Ninkasi Guillotière

I am the last of the great Ninkasi family. A my brothers, I have a large choice of beers brewed here in Lyon flowing in my veins. But I also have a terrace with an amazing view on Lyon and its quays.


Quai Victor Augagneur, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 95 04 95


This place is crazy, the welcome is attentive, let you go by visiting and just enjoy its atmoshpere : Intimate places, a pub dancing room, a restaurant and cosy corners.


2 rue des Bons Enfants, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 28 63 30

Nicolo et Maria

An amazing Italian restaurant & Pizzeria very close to Mama. They offer 1st quality “Pizze”, Pasta and homemade desserts. 100% MADE IN ITALIA!


49 Avenue Berthelot 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 00 20

Les Raffineuses

A “Neo Cantine” with a vintage photobooth and accessories to have fun with your friends. They only serve fresh seasonal products, and that’s why there is a new menu every week. No dinner but tapas in the evening. Brunch on Sundays & sometimes live music.


41 Rue Professeur Grignard, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 83 02 38 13

Le Bouillon Paradis

This is the “Bistrot des Fauves’” little brother, in a vintage atmosphere, you can enjoy hot meals for lunch or plates of cheese or delis in the evening (One of the chef is a traditional butcher). If you only want to drink, the place offers a vast choice of local beers. Brunch on Sundays.


58 Rue Salomon Reinach, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 83 91 52 72

Café Sillon

A restaurant that is getting trendier and only a 5 minutes’ walk from Mama! Described as a neo bistro and highly recommended by the Fooding Guide for their creative and tasteful menus.


46 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 09 73

Kitchen Café

Opened from breakfast time (8:30 AM) to 6:30 PM, with a dessert buffet in the afternoon. Lunch is usually composed of two or three dishes and runs midday and 1:45 PM. The menu changes according to seasons and prices are friendly!


34 Rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 06 03 36 42 75

Ancien bâtiment Citroën

"The world's largest service station" There's nothing modest about Citroën! Always the largest! So here it is! In the 1930s, a student of Tony Garnier was given the nod and that's how on the corner of the Rue de Marseille and the Rue de l'Université, a veritable cathedral to the car was built!


35 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon

Le jardin des Chartreux

A peaceful corner on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse? Le Jardin des Chartreux! A pleasant, green space with views over the banks of the Saône and the Fourvière hill. And when the weather's good, especially during the Nuits Sonores or the Tout l'monde dehors Festival, there are always wonderful little concerts...


36 Cours Général Giraud, 69001 Lyon

Ilot d'Amaranthes

We're always surprised when we come face to face with this modernist green space right in the heart of the 7th district... The project that combines town planning, environmental awareness and artistic creation was launched by Galerie Roger Tator that stands just next to it. Questioning the relationship between the city and nature, the Ilot d'Amaranthes has become a beautiful community garden!


52 rue Sébastien Gryphe, 69007 Lyon

La passerelle du collège

Walking on the Passarelle du Collège, you could almost imagine yourself as Indiana Jones! This bridge which moves when you walk on it, however lightly you tread, joins the 6th district and the Presqu'île. So, while it's not a rope bridge, you do feel like you're almost walking on water!


Quai du Général Sarrail, 69006 Lyon

La montée de la grande côte

It's better to go down La Montée de la Grande Côte than up it... Leave the Plateau de la Croix-Rousse, walk down small stairways with street art on the walls and sweeping views across Lyon... and arrive nonchalantly in Presqu'île. It's difficult in heels, but it can be done - we've tested it for you!


69001, Lyon

Le Jardin des Curiosités

The best view of Lyon! There's a climb, yes, but once you arrive at the heights of Saint-Just, at the Jardin des Curiosités, you're closer to the sky!


Place Abbé Larue, 69005 Lyon

Les Berges du Rhône

A bit of sun and people dash to the banks of the Rhone! On bike, roller skates, walking or in a pushchair, this is one of the nicest walks in Lyon, beside the river and the barges. With the compulsory break, legs stretched out on the cool grass!


Quai Victor Augagneur, 69003 Lyon

Parc de la Tête D'or

A wonderful square in the heart of the city. Large playground paradise for walkers, joggers, children and grown-up people. A mini-zoo, beautiful gardens, beautiful greenhouses, a lake with boats and pedal boats, mini train, rose gardens, playgrounds…


Parc de la Tête D'or, 69006 Lyon

Chères cousines

This is the place for bagels! And with a 7 euro menu for a bagel, drink and desert, we say yes!


23 rue Bugeaud, 69006 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 52 03 29

The Star Ferry

Good burger, house chips and a good selection of beers. All on the banks of the Rhone! You could almost believe you were in a beer garden in Berlin, the ambiance is so cool...


2 quai Victor Augagneur, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 60 97 18

La Bicycletterie

Problem with the bike and want cupcakes? Head for the Bicycletterie! Its decor of bike seats and other cycling accessories is just perfect! As for the cakes.... Wow!


16 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 92 04 96


A craving for falafel? Head for Yaafa! A sandwich or plate version, its plentiful and tasty. The products are fresh, the welcome irresistible and with all the house lemonade you can drink!


17 rue d'Algérie, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 27 42 42

Made in fish

The decor is nothing special, but the fish and chips are great! Soft fish encased in a crispy batter, perfect chips and an excellent house tartar sauce.


29 rue Victor Hugo, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 09 80 62 93 44

Taste and see

A small Taiwanese shop where you can enjoy bubble tea and chicken popcorn...


50 rue Pasteur, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 81 75 68 49

Marcelle et Daniel (Le petit snack)

A perfect kitchen! Just like mother's...


7 rue Montesquieu, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 41 53

L'Instant Fromage

Cheese bar for cheese lovers! The place is cramped so an advance booking is advised.


31 Rue Saint Hélène, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 92 93 54

L'Instant, Salon de thé

Homemade pastries and chocolates! With a small terrace in summer and a brunch on Sunday.


3 Place Bertone, 69004 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 29 85 08


Organic, homemade even the bread, all gluten free. The ideal organic address up to the location, only for lunch. From Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 3 PM.


69 rue Moncey, 69003

Tel: 09 54 11 05 76

Chez Margotte

A salad bar! Compose your own salad choosing among a range of ten ingredients: veggies, starches, cold meat…


43 avenue Felix-Faure, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 09 81 99 65 00

Livestation DIY

Just three words: "Do It Yourself" to describe the Livestation, each lunchtime they provide a new unique dish according to the season. During afternoons or evenings compose your own platter, and on Sunday a DIY brunch.


14 rue de Bonald, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 01 87 39

Expérience BD

Go down a small, steep stairway and you're in the temple to comic books. Comic books everywhere, something for everyone... The salespeople are unbeatable with excellent advice! And every month, there are late night openings with great authors! You could spend hours here reading everything...


5 place Antonin Poncet, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 41 84 14

La Librairie du Tramway

A large shop window right next to the... tram! A general bookshop with passionate staff, always with excellent advice! It's a great place for just hanging out... And in the children's section, they won't be able to resist the book shack...


92 rue Moncey, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 14 52 27

La Voie aux Chapitres

A small, top-quality neighbourhood bookshop! A bookseller who has read everything and provides valuable advice!


4 rue Saint-Jérôme, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 70 41 62

Ouvrir l'oeil

A fabulous bookshop on the slopes! A nice selection of books on the visual arts, a fine selection of comic books and graphic novels and helpful staff with very good advice!


18 rue des Capucins, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 27 69 29

Le Bal des Ardents

An old bookshop specialising in erotic literature, Le Bal des Ardents has come out of the shadows to embrace quality general literature. Once you enter through the porch made of books, you'll be struck by this small Aladdin's cave.


17 rue Neuve, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 98 83 36

Comic Zone

Simple amateurs of comic books or superheroe addicts, this bookshop is THE place to find comics in Lyon.


320 rue Garibaldi, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 65 78 02

Le Bocal

What is Le Bocal? It is comprised of "60% illustrators, 30% comic strip artists and 10% graphic artists". There are ten in the workshop, each more gifted than the next. And in the gallery area, don't miss one of their first-class exhibitions, or one of their previews, half in the street, half in the gallery with crisps galore!


83 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 53 14 83 92

Le Comoedia

If you visit just one cinema, make it this one! The Comoedia shows both art-house and mainstream movies. Their retrospectives are always brilliant - we remember a madcap Golden Eighties retrospective with Dirty Dancing as the climax. One Sunday a month the Comoedia organises a wonderful film brunch...


13 avenue Berthelot, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 99 45 00

Le Musée des moulages

If you're not going to Rome, Rome will come to you! This museum features some 1700 casts of famous statues, provided so that fine arts students in Lyon can study the world's masterpieces at home. A load of white statues in a line... It's both graphic and surprising!


3 rue Rachais, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 84 81 12

La Sucrière

As the name implies, La Sucrière in the new Confluence district is the former sugar warehouse that now houses modern art exhibitions, especially during the Modern Art Biennial, and concerts - we have fond memories of the New Order concert during the Nuits Sonores 2012 in this great space with its industrial charm...


49-50 quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 31 54 54

Grrrnd zéro

An industrial wasteland, a stone's throw from the metro, we love Grrrnd zéro. The programming is often so cutting edge that you're not quite sure what you're going to see, but we have never - NEVER! - been disappointed, whatever its been, whether canon, rock, noise, disco, punk, puppets or any other crazy things...


60 avenue de Bohlen, Vaulx-en-Velin

Galerie la Rage

Tongue in cheek: on Rue Pasteur you'll find la Rage... This tiny gallery is home to some most interesting exhibitions. Here, the talk is of modern art, but not full of hot air, here they love unusual art!


33 rue Pasteur, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 28 51 27

Le Sonic

Le Sonic, it's worth crossing bridges and passing through slightly shady places to get to this barge. The sound isn't perfect, but the billing is always top-class, particularly with the dark eighties nights and brilliant groups: the visit by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart was a highlight, cool pop in an intimate venue... - and the beer is cheap too.


4 quai des Etroits, 69005 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 38 27 40

In my brain

In my Brain is an art gallery with exhibitions that are sometimes dark, always questioning. In my Brain is also a tattoo studio. No tattoos of light-filled butterflies flying around Chinese symbols, absolutely not! Here, the tattoo is seen as a personal project.


18 rue de Bonald, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 37 44 54

Resistance and Deportation History Centre

On Avenue Berthelot in Lyon stands this grand, slightly gloomy building... A former military medical school, occupied by the Gestapo between 1943-1944, the place has a painful history. It is now the Resistance and Deportation History Centre. The permanent exhibition is moving, returning to a time that profoundly marked Lyon's history.


14 avenue Berthelot, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 72 23 11

Galerie Roger Tator

At the Galerie Roger Tator, nothing is too enclosed... They love being open to the various arts, design, modern art, architecture, sound... as well as being open to the world, open to the city. Certain guest artists have even gone so far as to demolish the walls and facade... Completely open, you've been told!


36 rue d'Anvers, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 58 83 12

Institut Lumière

We sometimes forget that cinema originated in Lyon! The Institut Lumière is part museum, part cinema - of course! - with very good retrospectives and even a major cinema festival, the Festival Lumière in the autumn. We recommend the Épouvantables vendredis or the opportunity to see (again) the best horror films in the history of cinema, every Friday 13th or almost 13th...


25 rue du Premier film, 69008 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 78 18 95

Musée de l'imprimerie

The Musée de l'Imprimerie is nestled on the Presqu’île, not far from the Rue de la Gerbe. The museum is worth the detour just for the beautiful renaissance building that it occupies. This journey into the world of print and handwriting is very instructive!


13 rue Poulaillerie, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 37 65 98

Les Subsistances

Concerts, theatre, circus, readings... A wonderful, always eclectic programme at Subsistances. And in the restaurant, Quai des Arts, you can enjoy fabulous Sunday brunches - an all-you-can-eat buffet that you'll never want to leave because it's so good! - and good midweek meals with a view over the Saône...


8 bis quai Saint-Vincent, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 39 10 02

Le Kraspek Myzik

Once you know that Kraspek Myzik was created by an association called "Lerockepamort", it all becomes clear! Kraspek Myzik is a cool music venue featuring independent labels and self-produced artists...


20 montée Saint-Sébastien, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 69 60 49 29

Musée des Confluences

Situated on the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône, the Musée des Confluences is an absolute must in Lyon. Enjoy a unique experience within a monumental structure of metal and glass, following the great story of the human adventure from our origins to the present day.

Venture on a journey through time and across continents and encounter end-less curiosities: meteorites, pterodactyls, hummingbirds, female Homo sapiens, microscopes, Siberian tiger, Sputnik, Samurai armour and more.The diversity and originality of the objects, the exceptional architecture of the building and the many spaces for relaxation promise a wondrous experience.


86 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 28 38 11 90

Musée Mininatures et Cinéma

Located in a historical building in the Vieux-Lyon, this museum has been collecting objects used on film sets, such as the animatronics from the film Alien vs Predator and some complete film sets from the film The Perfume in its cellar. We can also see the evolution of everyday life since 1900 thanks to many miniatures.


60 rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 00 24 77

La Fabriq

The location is a little bit worrying for your calves... Yes, La Fabriq is on La Montée de la Grande Côte... But at the very beginning, we promise! At La Fabriq, you'll find six jewellery and small object designers. At the back of the store, you can watch them working, industrious with a hint of madness. We love the graphic work and we're a little crazy for oh! a heart with feet! - by Noémie Pichon and her brand Hirn & Herz.


106 montée de la grande côte, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 26 02 07 77


The workshop-boutique of the sparkling illustrator Anne Cresci, featuring pretty little paintings to decorate children's rooms or cute jewellery for the adults...


8 rue Vaubecour, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 42 22 30

L'épicerie Fruit

Fruit in all its forms! Jams, vinegars, juices, teas, cakes... In her lovely little shop, Fanny has chosen the most original and best transformations of fruit that she has found. A special mention for the soft strawberries, we could eat bucket loads!


54 rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 85 29 04

La Rumeur blonde

This is Manon's lovely workshop-boutique, where you'll find adorable headbands, jewellery and purses, in leather! It's fresh and colourful!


15 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 58 61 64


At Dangerhouse the owner is passionate! In this temple to rock, there is an impressive collection of vinyls including garage, punk, rockabilly, surf, sixties rock, etc.


3 rue Thimonnier, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 27 15 64

Sofa Disques

We always visit Sofa Disques! A good range of vinyls, rare records and the great classics... A small shelf of rock books to ponder on the Gainsbourg biography...


7 rue d'Algérie, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 39 06 56

Be Bop

This is vintage rock: all types of curiosities from a pineapple water jug to the fish-shaped comb, first-class accessories with a special mention for the always perfect earrings and the colourful welcome!


12 rue des Capucins, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 09 82 27 89 34

Love me tender

A small shop with a pink facade and an offbeat boudoir ambiance. At Love me Tender, you'll find lovely vintage pieces and designer jewellery, including classic jewellery by Alice Hubert!


22 rue Pizay, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 06 80 84 25 41

Ma grand-mère fait du vélo

All joking about the name of this shop aside, it in fact boasts an excellent chef! Chutneys, tapenades and other jams... There's something for sweet AND savoury tastes in this small grocery!


67 rue Montesquieu, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 06 01 91 81 71


A lovely little shop with designer jewellery, decorative objects made in Scandinavia and great little gifts for children... Bohemian chic!


43 rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 60 36 69

Happy Sisyphe

Hidden in a corner of the Place Carnot, Happy Sisyphe! A nice selection of small pieces of designer jewellery, retro and unusual objects ... All surrounded by antiques - we're fans of the old dresser! And if you're hungry, you can always stop off for a quick bite.


20 place Carnot, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 09 83 40 99 14


The place to go! Frip'attitude is a shop run by Emmaüs selling inexpensive second-hand gear! Quality pre-loved goods! And what a choice! There are only a few vintage clothes but the prices are worth it.


281 rue de Créqui, 69007 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 70 80 45

Madame des Feuillants

A veritable curiosity shop with two designers. On the one hand, the flamboyant Madame des Feuillants and her delicate jewellery made from antique pieces. On the other hand, the talented Betty Janis and her environmentally-friendly and ethereal ready-to-wear... A great shop!


23 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 06 23 01 08 74


Designer decor for this chic but extroverted thrift shop! The models have a casual chic look that immediately makes you want to buy everything... It gets us every time...


25 rue Sergent Blandan, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 98 26 64

Les Poupées

Johanna is the designer at Les Poupées, she makes pretty dresses and blouses for grown-up girls! It's fresh, offbeat and frankly adorable when you know that everything is produced above the shop by her own fair hands.


10 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Carrie Bradshop

At Carrie Bradshop, Patrick and Yvo bend over backwards to (re)fill your cupboards with inexpensive Carrie Bradshaw vintage! Low-cost, couture style... There are killings to be made for a next to nothing: Charles Jourdan shoes, Lancel ladies bags, small sweaters in lurex pineapple ...


17 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 09 51 83 93 80


An old stamp collectors shop converted into a clothing paradise. The latest boutique brands, a wonderful welcome and even knitwear events.


7 rue Auguste Comte, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 37 57 53 26

Rose Carbone

This small shop reflects the creations by Franck Meunier: A cosseted boudoir with psychedelic touches featuring feminine and retro outfits with a dash of madness.


2 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 27 82 13 07

L'instant poétique

A shop with lots of lovely things. Children's items, retro and designer decorative objects, with a penchant for Scandinavia, Ferm Living and Darling Clementine! -, designer jewellery... This is where we go when we need a gift, or, let's be honest, something for ourselves.


129 boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, 69004 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 98 66 45

Le Cabinet des curieuses

Ladies... You only have 4 days left to come and find THE glamorous outfit you're missing!!! On your marks... Get set... SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP!!!!


19 rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 27 02 59 52

La Part-Dieu

Since it opened in 1975, the Centre has hardly stood still, getting bigger and better with each successive change – all crowned with success and meeting the total satisfaction of the customers. The Centre offers a complete range of goods and services to meet all its customer needs through a broad range of stores and a number of exclusive outlets. The customers can choose between 240 stores and an extremely extensive range of labels.


17 rue du Dr Bouchut, 69003 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 60 60 62

Centre Commercial de Confluence

On the banks of the Saône river, this shopping center is located in the dynamic and modern district of the confluences. It is possible to reach it by boat with the Vaporetto boat.


112 Cours Charlemagne, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 72 31 32 80

Marché Saint-Antoine

Saint-Antoine market takes place every day of the week. Monday is jumble, clothes, crockery and bric-a-brac. Tuesday to Sunday it is a food market. Everything at great prices.


Quai Saint-Antoine, 69002 Lyon

Marché Saint-Louis

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays mornings, it's like being at a village market!


Place Saint-Louis, 69007 Lyon

Marché alimentaire

Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays mornings, its time to grab the shopping bag and go and buy vegetables, fish and flowers at Place Jean Mace. A neighbourhood market where you can rediscover fresh produce, Jamie Oliver would be proud of you!


Place Jean Macé, 69007 Lyon

Marché fermier

Here's where you'll find the local producers! Wednesdays afternoons - because a market's not just for the early-risers! - and Sunday mornings discover the wonderful products that have been lovingly produced just a few kilometres away!


Place Carnot, 69002 Lyon

Marché de la Croix-Rousse

Every morning - except Mondays - at Croix-Rousse, it's market time. All along the Boulevard, you'll find delights, cheeses, vegetables, fish, meat, flowers and other culinary pleasures! This is the market not to be missed, even if you're not buying!


Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, 69001 Lyon

The Beauty Shop

You won't find tropical waterfall sounds making you want to use the toilet at the Beauty Shop... No, this is the realm of rock, Hanni El Khatib, Arcade Fire and the Dum Dum Girls! With Gaëlle you can relax - we've tried the organic purifying citrus facial and emerged walking on air - suffer - hair removal - and make yourself beautiful with a pretty good selection of nail varnish and the more-practical semi-permanent polish!


58 boulevard des Brotteaux, 69006 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 52 37 80

2nd face

At 2nd Face, a hip vibe and lovely hairdressers. A classic bob, Hollywood glamour or multi-coloured tresses, you get what you want at 2nd Face. And while you're waiting, there are cool magazines and a Rubik's cube.


3 rue Mercière, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 42 95 46

L'Atelier des rouges

A New York-style nail bar? Here it is! At L'atelier des Rouges you would be hard pressed not to find THE perfect colour for your nails from among the bottles of OPI and Kure Baazar - a super quality ecological nail varnish.


11 rue d'Austerlitz, 69004 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 29 52 60

Austerlitz beauté

Go and visit Sylvie and her nimble fingers! Facial or massage, you'll leave beautiful and relaxed from Austerlitz Beauté...


7 rue d'Austerlitz, 69004 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 30 16 71

Just Good Art

Retro décor and happy hair? That's what you'll find at Just Good Art. Great cuts, glamorous evening styles or a traditional shave...


28 rue Sala, 69002 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 37 44 23


A casual atmosphere with trendy music, at Hår, hair is cut with clippers, surprising but effective! Manu is the neighbourhood's best!


4 rue Louis Vitet, 69001 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 28 06 62