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Paris, the city where everything happens, will amaze you by its high number of surprises and things to discover. In terms of culture, gastronomy or entertainment, the city has no limits. However, it is very easy to get lost among a so many things to see. Don’t worry, Mama’s selection is here to help you choose what to do.

MAMA says let’s eat

You like our restaurant, but want to try another? We are not mad and are here to help you! You can rely on these ones: Au Passage, L’Office, Krung Thep, Encore, Vivant, Frenchie, Septime, Aux Deux amis, Holy Belly, Clint, Lazare, le Baratin, le marché des enfants rouges, le Beef Club, Nanashi. And you can also enjoy a good coffee at: Lockwood, Coutume, Kooka Boora, Broken Arm... 

MAMA says educate yourself

Even if you can feel there like in a gallery thanks to the design by Starck, don't spend the day in your room, it would be a mistake not to enjoy the cultural heritage of Paris. It is one of the richest of the world. You may be looking for classic, modern art or science, you will easily find the appropriate museum: Le Musée du Louvre, La Cité des sciences, le Centre Pompidou, le musée du Quai Branly...

MAMA says go out

To enjoy delicious cocktails, just rely on these addresses: Experimental Cocktail Club, Prescription, Glass, Le Magnifique, le Perchoir. For those feeling like dancing till the break of dawn, we suggest you the Social Club, the Ballroom or Carmen.

Mama says let’s shop

If you’re looking for a souvenir of Paris, but something more original than an Eiffel Tower key ring, do not forget to have a look at our shop where many treasures wait for you, but also try these ones: l’Eclaireur, Centre commercial, Thank God I’m a VIP, Chez Chiffons, AMI, Colette, Merci, Spree...

Mama says don’t miss

To completely know the city, you must see it’s underground side. Don’t leave without taking a visit of the Catacombes, you would regret it. You’re looking to see celebrities but no paparazzi? Père Lachaise cemetery is the place for you. Finally, you may find that a boat trip on the curious Canal St Martin is more interesting than being on the Seine with so many people.

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Paris Guide

Mama Paris is located in the 20th arrondissment at 109 rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris, France. OK, it's not the centre of the City, but it's definitely the most diverse, surprising and interesting area and that's why we love it.

109, rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris
T +33 (0)1 43 48 48 48
F +33 (0)1 43 48 49 49

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Paris, the city where everything happens, will amaze you through its high number of surprises and by its endless cultural heritage.
The Mama decided to share with you its favorite addresses in the 20th district, the artistic Paris, the Paris of diversity, of the Père Lachaise and Edith Piaf… Forget all those tourist traps, we know the best local places to hang out! Whether you’re looking for bars, cafés, restaurants, stores or gardens… If it's special, then it's listed here in the Mama guide. Trust us, we're locals and we have our habits!

By subway (Porte de Bagnolet)

Line n° 3

By subway (Alexandre Dumas)

Line n° 2

By subway (Maraîchers)

Line n° 9 (go down rue des Pyrénées)

By subway (Gambetta)

Line n°3

By bus (stop Pyrénées/Bagnolet)

Line n° 26 - 30mn from la Gare du Nord. Line n° 64 Line n° 76

By bus (stop Gambetta)

Line n° 69

Mama Paris Parking

For you to be relaxed while you sleep, MAMA has 50 indoor parking spaces. Height: 6.5 feet.
Our parking is located between the pharmacy and the mediatheque in front of 106 rue de Bagnolet. The entrance is strictly reserved to our residents. To access the parking please take a ticket from the automatic booth located at the bottom left of the ramp.

By bus at night

n° 16
Pont de Levallois - Gare St Lazare - Châtelet - Bastille - Gare de Lyon - Gambetta - Porte de Bagnolet
n° 34
Gare de Lyon - Gambetta - Pte de Bagnolet
n° 141
Gare de l’Est - République - Gambetta - Pte de Bagnolet - Mairie de Montreuil - Neuilly Plaisance RER - Gare de Meaux
n° 142
Gare de l’Est - République - Gambetta - Pte de Bagnolet - Nogent Le Perreux - Tournans RER

By tramway (Porte de Bagnolet)